I’ve begun something new: meditation.  I know what you’re thinking…”that’s such a fad thing to do right now!”  Yeah…you’re right, but I think it works.  I’ve started to meditate every day for the last 5 days for 10 minutes each morning.  At first, I wasn’t impressed…I didn’t feel CHANGED or ELECTRIC.  Instead, I felt confused and underwhelmed.  After day 3 though, I realized just how little I am able to focus on anything anymore and that this needed to change.

There’s so much stimuli around us these days.  For example, right now I have 19 open tabs in my browser, two cell phones on my desk, and a pen and paper.  I’m going to keep reporting back on my findings as I dive deeper into this art.  Today, I feel much more aware of how fast my mind was moving before and how conscious I am of my ability to do better.  My goal is to slow down and apply laser attentiveness to whatever I’m doing at any current moment.  Let’s see where this goes…

If you want to try out mediation, join me in the experiment by downloading the Headspace App.  They have some great guided courses and you can set your own pace and schedule.  I highly recommend checking this app out.  Let me know what you think!