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What would happen if you dared to ask someone about their passion? Would it strip away the preconceived notions and projections that we place on the other person? No one wants to be an island with billboards reading, “Keep Out!” “Same Color Skin Only” “Come In Only If You Agree With Me”. Unfortunately, that’s what the current cultural milieu has become. So how do we connect islands?

We build bridges.

This is the story of my first bridge building endeavor.

Two days ago, I felt the tremendous compulsion to go into my local Starbucks and speak to the barista about her life’s passion. Am I crazy? This thought kept rolling around in my brain as I ordered a grande Pike with room for cream. I have seen her many times before and exchanged pleasantries, but we never really talked. How many people do we do that to on a regular basis? When someone does engage, I usually get annoyed that the line isn’t moving fast enough. Have we really fallen this far that basic human connection is an inconvenience rather than commonplace?

As I got my coffee, I worked up the nerve and said, “You’re going to think this is crazy but I’m conducting a kind of social experiment. I’m going upload a video every day of someone telling me what they are passionate about. I think the world is a very divided place and we need more of what brings us together and less of what drives us apart.” She brightened up right away and said she could get behind that idea. She also told me she didn’t want to be filmed because there are some creepy stalkers in her life (it’s insane and sad that this a reality for some people) but she didn’t mind being audio recorded. Click on the link below to hear about her passion:

GGP Bridge #1 – Starbucks Barista

Following this short clip, there was another 15 minutes of conversation where she confessed that she even enjoyed the sound of choir music. Choral music is only at the top of my main passions in life and one of my occupations, but who’s keeping score? It’s amazing what happens when we risk it all and try to build a bridge.

There will be new bridges every day on this blog and I hope they change you forever.