Susan shares her passion.

Every once in a while, something magical happens. Yesterday, after grabbing some groceries, I was on my way to my car when I heard someone yell my name. The sun was blinding and I couldn’t quite see who was calling for me until she said, “It’s Susan!”

Susan was a member of my choir and looked after our boys during services at our church. Our one son is on the autism spectrum and struggles with group settings sometimes. Susan, like a momma bird, took him under her wing for a while and as a result of her investment in his passions, he has now transformed into a kid who loves to spend time with his friends at church.

After we caught up for a while, I told her about GGP and the craziness that launched it. She spoke words of great encouragement to me and agreed to shoot a video about her passion. If you can’t tell, it’s written all over her face! Every day and in every way, we will work together to make the world a better place.

Please share my message and join me on this journey!