Ken is a star tenor in my choir and when I asked him to share his passion, he jumped right up and shot a video. Ken has been a business owner in our community for over 50 years in the food industry and now in the clothing industry. He also talks about how his personal faith has helped him in his business pursuits over the years.

Ken has an infectiously affable personality and his genuine love for people is written all over his face. I’m glad that I can call him my friend and I’m grateful to him for his musical contributions to our choir. Whether you are a person of faith or not, you can see who Ken REALLY is by observing the smile on his face and his fantastic laugh at the end of the clip.

If you live in the lower Delaware/Maryland area, check out Ken’s clothing store Treasure Island Fashions in Ocean View, Delaware. If you don’t find anything on the racks, you will undoubtedly discover that Ken is the greatest treasure in the store.