Today I got my hair cut and built a bridge with this guy – Michael. In the first few seconds of meeting him, I could just tell he exuded kindness. Typically, conversations with stylists tend to feel awkward and forced but Michael was interested in me and made me feel special. We talked about family, life and having children. His son just welcomed twin boys into the world and he his face lit up with pride when he was talking about becoming a grandfather.

It’s so rare to have genuine conversations with people any more but Michael gives me hope. When I told him about my journey, he agreed to shoot a video where he shared his passion for family and friends. Every time I meet someone new and they agree to shoot a video, it fills my heart and makes me feel like I have found my life’s purpose.

I’m definitively grateful that our paths crossed and will continue to cross, because he gives a freaking awesome haircut. If you live in Southern Delaware, check him out at Bad Hair Day in Rehoboth Beach.