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Step 3 of the truth series is by far the hardest. How many of you are like me and want people to like you? I think this is fairly universal…Now that you have recovered your lost passions and taken action on them, get ready for the wave of comments about to come your way. The people around you, albeit well intentioned, aren’t used to seeing this side of you and will begin to question your behavior. You are going to have to develop a thicker skin as you start your truth journey, believe me, I know.

Part of discovering your true passions involves simultaneously shedding the skin that you’ve worn over the years. The people around you will act completely shocked! They will say things like, “So how are you going to make money doing this music thing? When did you start baking? Who really wants read about the clothes you wear?” The fact of the matter is that the people who have accomplished nothing with their lives will ALWAYS talk the loudest. Screw them and stop listening to them. “But my mom is the one saying these things,” you might say. Well, it’s time to tell mom to give you some space. Guess what? She will respect you a hell of a lot more when you achieve your goal and live with gratitude.

Everyone has their stories of failing when running after their passions. That’s just part of it. If this were easy, everyone would be doing it. The best stories are the impossible ones, where victory was achieved by an underdog with the slimmest of margins. If J.S. Bach had listened to his father, he would have been a lawyer…the music world would have suffered. If Rosa Parks had sat quietly in the back of the bus, equality would have suffered. If Snoop had stayed in the Crips and never started making tapes in his spare time, hip-hop wouldn’t have any gin and juice. There’s wisdom and there’s blind allegiance. The people that accomplished great things followed their gut in the face of opposition, and if they failed, they learned and tried again. Don’t apologize, just KEEP GETTING BACK UP.

On the flip side, if you have voices in your life that encourage you, RUN to them and lean on them. I’m fortunate enough to have the support of my wife and family to lean on. I have lost friends over my decision to start over but the music and writing that has come out of that decision is infinitely better than having those people around. This part sucks, guys. There’s no easy way to say it. But I’m here for you and there’s nothing that will keep me from helping you through your transition.

Please reach out to me at to ask for help. I’m always willing to walk with people on their truth journey because I know it’s hard and can often feel lonely. The great part is that once those voices has been eliminated, you are FREE to create and grow. You’ll never silence the haters completely, but you can tune your ears to be deaf to their nonsense. Keep working hard on your journey. More to come, I’m not done yet…