In case if you have been living under a rock for the last 20 years, the internet is amazing. When I began my project over a month ago, I never realized that I would make such amazing connections with like-minded people in what seems like a short amount of time. One of these connections was with Annie, from Ocean City, Maryland. Annie owns Lemons Brand, a retail store that sells amazing coastal themed clothing. To be honest, I fell in love with the logo and my curiosity brought me into a great conversation with Annie. After getting to know her, I realized that Lemons Brand as a whole goes much deeper than a great logo. Read below for our conversation:

  1. What is your main passion in life? What fires you up? My main goal in life is to make a difference somehow, someway in someone’s life. We are all in this life together, and it really makes life a lot easier when we work together and help each other along the way. I believe in spreading good karma 🙂 And Lemons Brand is my outlet to do that.
  2. What is the story behind Lemons Brand? What led you to start it? The idea behind Lemons Brand came about through how I was feeling in a rough situation and how I came out of it. But I wanted to start Lemons Brand to help others realize that the “lemons” in life are necessary to help you to get to the lemonade, and hopefully start a little community of optimists that can keep passing on the positive outlook that the brand offers.
  3. What’s does the future of Lemons Brand look like? I am getting a lot of messages from #lemonsbrandfans about where they can buy in stores. So right now we are working on creating partnerships with boutiques and clothing stores that would be a good fit for the brand. We are also looking to broaden the product offering in the near future.
  4. How does Lemons Brand add value to others? I hope that I can inspire others to realize they are not stuck. You are not stuck at that job you hate that makes you miserable, you are not stuck in a relationship that makes you unhappy, and you can find a way to make any situation a little brighter. Take whatever lemons life throws at you and turn them into something wonderful.
  5. How can we help Lemons Brand?Lemons Brand’s mission to #giveback donates a portion of every sale to mental health awareness foundations. We also have a limited edition LIME hat coming out for May that comes with a mental health awareness pin. We hope in the future to broaden even more the types of organizations that we support and help even more causes that are important to our customers. We may even donate to a different organization or cause each month!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Annie. You can see that her passion is synonymous with everything I write about at the GGP. Please check her out at lemonsbrand.com. You can also follow her on Instagram @lemonsbrand. Wearing a Lemons Brand shirt is not only comfortable, it’s comforting. Mental health awareness is not talked about enough in our society today and anything we can do to help with that effort is more than noble. Keep checking back in. I’m not done yet…