Let’s face it, we’re all afraid of something. Whether it’s rational or irrational, it’s all REAL in our minds. While psychologists break fear into 5 different forms, I think they can be further separated into 2 different categories – Helpful and Unhelpful.

It’s obvious that fear of death and physical harm are important to have. Even those can be tricky…standing in front of a room of people can feel like death is breathing down your neck, but the TRUTH is that you are ok. You may feel like you are going to fall out of a building when you are high in the air looking down onto the street below, but the TRUTH is, you are ok. Don’t let your mind sabotage you.

The unhelpful fears of being controlled, rejected or shamed are ALL in within your control. The fact of the matter is that while we will never be able to erase these fears, we can learn to master them. If you feel like something is slipping through your fingers, like you finances, the TRUTH is that you can take action to get them under control. If you feel like a girl/guy might reject you if you ask them out, the TRUTH is – they may, but it ultimately doesn’t matter because no one’s opinion defines you. If you feel like you might be shamed if you put your work out into the ether, the TRUTH is that you might not get any attention, but you put yourself out there and that’s more than most people will ever accomplish.

Always take the shot and give yourself permission to miss. We live in a world where armchair quarterbacks love to issue their opinions about how you should or shouldn’t do something. I’ve lived it and failed monumentally in a very public way in the past. Guess what? I’m still here. I FEARED that if I told the truth, I would die, or be rejected by everyone. Telling the truth wasn’t easy for me and it came at a tremendous cost and I ruined many lives in the process, but I would do it over again to live in the TRUTH.

What fears are holding you back? What is the thing that you are most afraid of? You better learn to love that thing because it most likely represents freedom. Keep tuning in.

I’m not done yet.