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When I finally connected with your mother online, we traded a few pleasantries and then made one the best decisions we ever made: we told each other all of our failures and shortcomings. Sounds like a great idea, right? Boys, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Here are the things I decided to tell your mom:

  • I was getting divorced and had been separated for 3 years
  • I had debt
  • I wasn’t sure I believed in anything any more

I really know how to sell myself, don’t I? Guess what boys? She asked me some more questions and then told me about her shortcomings and battles. We texted some more about food, culture, language and music. Before you knew it, we were just two broken people trying to make it through life together. Your mom’s ability to empathize is unparalleled. Her kindness and love towards me when I was most vulnerable are the things that indicated to me that she was MORE than just a pretty face.

When you are ready to date, look for those girls. Look for a girl that treats people with respect and is willing to climb in their shoes to relate with them. If she is only concerned with her looks and only talks about herself all the time, it is probably coming from a place of insecurity. Don’t be afraid to talk to that girl out of curiosity, but don’t rush into a relationship. Ultimately, you have to keep going and be willing to learn from your mistakes. Boys, there is no ONE way to do anything…just look at me an your mom. Here are all the things that had to go right for us to meet:

  • She had to move from Brasil to the US
  • I had to move to Delaware
  • We had to get married to other people first
  • We had to go through pain to know what we want
  • I had to widen my Tinder radius by another 10 miles
  • We had to be on Tinder at the same time
  • I had to send a second text
  • She had to say yes

There is no guide book that I could have read that would have mapped out this story. All the best stories start with a destination in mind, but the epic stuff is found in the distractions and unplanned detours. After all these things went right, your mom and I had to go on our first date and that’s a story for tomorrow. Your idiot dad almost blew it again…

Tune in again at 1 PM tomorrow as the story continues.

I’m not done yet…