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Dear Noah, Lucas and Jack,

The day for our first date had finally arrived and your mom and I were excited to meet for the first time. It was Monday, November 20th, 2017. During the course of the morning, a required work engagement popped up for which I was being asked to participate. I delivered the news to your mom, when only hours before I had said, “Whenever you’re free, I’ll always make time for you.” First lesson boys, never make a promise to a woman that you can’t guarantee you can keep. I could tell your mom was upset, but she let me down easily and we agreed to reschedule.

I was frustrated by this and so I called my best friend, Justin, to talk it through with him. Justin had been with with me on my journey from college, to marriage, to separation, and then finally through my divorce. He simply stated to me, “Dude you should go out with her. What do you have to lose? The work thing can wait. Just go and see what happens.” In that way, Justin is responsible for our marriage…a fact that he is unwilling to let us live down!

I texted your mom back and let her know that we were back on for our date. Getting out of the work event was as easy as letting my boss know that something came up and I wouldn’t be able to make it. We had mutually decided on Italian food and I was the one that picked Fratelli’s, a restaurant in Salisbury with great reviews. I got there a few minutes ahead of 6 pm and what followed is one of the most hilarious moments in my life. I walked in and immediately noticed that I was the youngest person in the establishment by a good 75 years (your father has a gift for hyperbole). You know those scenes in the movies where the record player screeches off? That was the moment of my entrance into Fratelli’s. I sat down and the lady next to me was so eagerly eyeing me up, I couldn’t tell if she wanted to eat me or the veal parm on her plate. This didn’t feel right to me. I pretended to go to the bathroom and got the hell out of there. Boys, you have to always be ready to adapt and think quickly on your feet.

I called your mom to let her know what I had just experienced and that was the first time I heard your mother’s dulcet, soft-spoken, and beautiful voice. Her sexy accent coupled with an understanding and tangible warmth captivated me immediately. She laughed and we decided to go to the Market Street Inn, where your mom was working as a server at that time. Boys, when your mother stepped out of the car, I felt like I was in the presence of royalty. Not only was your mother perfectly dressed and looking amazing, her eyes stopped me in my tracks. You boys know that your mom smiles with her eyes and that there is a depth of kindness in them that is unmatched. We awkwardly walked inside and laughed about Fratelli’s a little bit…

And then your mom almost died.

Tune in tomorrow at 1 for the continuation! I hope you hate me right now.

I’m not done yet…