The Graciously Gross Project

A Utopia for Aspiring Music Nerds



What are your passions?  What makes you come alive? 

Your answers to those questions shape this blog.  In a world strangled by division, my mission is clear:

The Graciously Gross Project (GGP) exists to provide value to the lives of others by sharing humor, art and inspiration through every available medium with the hope that we can grow closer together instead of further apart.  

Through my writing, podcasts and videos, I hope to reach you by unlocking who you REALLY are.  You are not defined by your ideas, by your upbringing, by your past, or by anything that seeks to mask who you are at your core.

Come with me on this journey.  Along the way you will laugh, learn and be inspired..  Thank you for joining me on this lifelong voyage.  I’m glad you decided to jump on board!

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